As collaborators with PCA advisors, growers and various agriculture experts across the globe, Momentive’s agronomists and scientists understand the demands you face. We invented organosilicone adjuvants in 1985 and we have dedicated more than 30 years to understanding the many facets of farming science.

Our goal is to help growers maximize crop yield while making operations more productive and sustainable. That’s why we have continuously improved Silwet* adjuvants to deliver the flexibility and exceptional performance you can rely on to get the job done right.

You can find Silwet adjuvants or SAG* antifoams in many of the industries preferred products.



Silwet Adjuvants have a track record for helping growers get the most out of every agrochemical droplet. With Silwet adjuvants, you can achieve:

  • Enhanced efficiency enabled by smaller spray volumes and ultimately more acres covered per tank
  • Excellent absorption and adherence to help ensure the agrochemical thoroughly treats the targeted species, even in imperfect conditions
  • Thorough and efficient coverage with minimized drift and runoff


See Silwet Adjuvants in Action



SAG Antifoams can reliably deliver timesaving and product-saving benefits, including:

  • Rapid knockdown of the foam created during mixing and application for reduced waste
  • Single-dose foam control for the entire tank to eliminate mid-field stops
  • Smaller required dosing for less residue, making tank cleaning a little easier



See SAG Antifoams in Action



Watch Silwet Adjuvants in Action

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