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COMPAMED is the world’s leading platform for state-of-the-art medical technology. Along with exciting newcomers, the most important companies in the industry demonstrate the products, technologies concepts here, which that will have a lasting influence on the industry in the coming months. Innovative materials are as much of a focal point as pioneering components and new services. In recent years, COMPAMED has developed into a global hotspot for key healthcare OEMs, LSR molders and HCR extruders.


Meet with our experts at booth 8B M30 and find out how Momentive´s silicone elastomers can help meet healthcare´s rigorous challenges.


The Silopren LSR 47X9 series offers primerless adhesion to a variety of thermoplastic substrates which can allow for cost efficient manufacturing of high volume multi-component injection molded or insert molded parts.  The self-bonding nature of the Silopren LSR 47X9 series, allows for adequate bond strength to be reached without the need for pretreatment of the substrates surface.  Like standard liquid silicone rubbers, Silopren LSR 47X9 also has high temperature stability, and can easily be pigmented with LSR color pastes.  


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Silopren LSR 46x5 SL series is a two-component, self-lubricating liquid silicone rubber for injection molding processes that provides a lubricious surface on the molded part after vulcanization.

Silopren LSR 46x5 SL series can eliminate the need for secondary lubrication processes to reduce the coefficient of friction, which can improve the mounting efficiency of molded parts during the assembly of devices. Delayed lubricant surface bloom after vulcanization helps prevent mold fouling while also improving the longevity of the molded parts and reducing the occurrence of self-healing of slit valves.


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Finding the Right Solution

Inventing possibilities is what we do every day. From simple solutions to complex and often challenging medical designs, we are here to help you discover the best silicone material for the job.  Whether it is self-bonding for two-component molding, enhanced lubrication for injection molding, low hysteresis for improved pump life performance, the ability to withstand sterilization or radio-opaque materials to enable x-ray detection, we can offer a material solution to meet your needs. If you are looking to improve comfort, clarity, anti-microbial capabilities or flexibility, we can help you with that too.


Finding the Right Partner

Working with Momentive isn’t just transactional, it’s collaborative and solutions-focused. Our global network of Application Design Centers provides state-of-the-technical and managerial support, including:

  • Tools and technical advice
  • Process modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Productivity analysis and troubleshooting
  • External network to available mold makers and equipment suppliers

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