Unprecedented Performance: That’s the NXT* Z 45 silane difference.

As a revolutionary mercaptan silane, NXT* Z 45 silane offers advanced tire performance. The incorporation of this silane can dramatically improve the dynamic and physical properties of tires for unprecedented performance.


Tire manufacturers can benefit greatly from our technology by developing tires for today and tomorrow, that can meet the latest emission and tire regulations and electric vehicles in the e-mobility market.


What's your toughest silane challenge?

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NXT Z* 45 Silane: New insights into silane processing when manufacturing high performance tire compounds

ABSTRACT: Momentive’s NXT Z 45 silane, an oligomeric mercapto silane coupling agent, incorporated into a model passenger tread compound can enable improved rolling resistance, wet traction and wear performance as compared to standard sulfur silanes. This presentation provides insights into methods for making the processing of rubber compounds easier with the incorporation of NXT Z 45 silane. These methods are based on the support of model chemistry, computational modeling and rheology studies, which not only demonstrated enhanced processability, but also the achievement of superior tire performance.


                                                                              When: Wednesday March 6        Time: 16:10       Location: STREAM 10     

  • Reduced waste and increased throughput with easier processing
  • Reduced rework and extended compound shelf life via improved aged viscosity properties
  • Reduced rolling resistance while maintaining wet traction capabilities

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Better Processing

with NXT Silane


Not only can NXT silanes enable better tire performance, it can also help accelerate manufacturing by allowing the production of more stable compounds, and thus enabling more predictable processing, better mixing, and improved milling for smoother sheet appearance.




Better Performance

with NXT Z 45 Silane


NXT*Z 45 silane enables improved silica – polymer interaction, to allow the production of tires with better overall performance. In addition to advanced tire performance, it can allow processing that is virtually ethanol emission free.





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With increasing global demand for high performance tires, Momentive is well positioned to meet your global supply needs. With an increased global footprint, our new Leverkusen plant allows Momentive to double its NXT* silane capacity, and thus serve customer needs from anywhere in the world. Additionally, our new tire application lab in Charlotte, NC lets us expand our technical expertise and improve our support to you.


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